Protecting The Financial Stability Of Your Special Needs Child

Parents of special needs children understand the thorough planning that is often required in day-to-day living. In the combination of special needs and estate planning, parents can quickly become frustrated by all of the legal hurdles that must be addressed in advance.

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What Is A Special Needs Trust?

With special needs children, parents are often concerned with their care and well-being in the event that the parent dies or becomes incapacitated. While the distribution of assets might seem like the best way to protect the child's financial future, there is often an unintended consequence. An inheritance might prevent the special needs child from qualifying for government benefits. These public monetary benefits might be relied upon for food, housing and clothing, but might be stopped because the child no longer qualifies for financial assistance.

The government has established rules allowing parents to hold assets in a special needs trust as long as certain requirements are met. An experienced estate planning lawyer can thoroughly examine your situation and provide the guidance necessary to develop a strong trust to preserve government benefit eligibility while ensuring your child is financially protected and has the assets he or she needs to lead a comfortable life.

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