Have You Adopted A Child? Change Your Estate Plan!

While an adoption is generally considered one of the most positive aspects of a family law practice, parents can feel significant stress and concern until the process is completely finalized. Unfortunately, many people forget an important aspect of the adoption process — updating the comprehensive estate plan to be all-inclusive.

With more than 10 years of estate planning experience, the team at The Conner Law Firm can guide you through the legal process swiftly and efficiently.

Numerous Issues To Consider

While the legal process for adoptions can rely on a family's patience, estate planning certainly gives people the opportunity to work ahead and plan for the future. With an office in Hartsville, our lawyer will guide you through challenging discussions, including those centering on:

  • Guardianship: Taking the time to carefully choose a guardian for minor children can be a difficult, emotional process. However, if you were to die or become incapacitated, having these estate planning documents in place can alleviate legal battles and unnecessary emotional trauma for your adopted child.
  • Financial stability: Amending your existing estate plan allows you to develop a trust and other documentation designed to prevent future financial issues. Without a trust in place, your child will likely receive his or her full distribution of the estate at the age of 18. Having developed a trust, you can still control the distribution — building certain financial or life milestones into the documentation.
  • Adoptions in progress: In most situations, if the adoption is not finalized, your child has no rights to your estate. Unfortunately, the adoption process can take months or even years to finalize, so it is wise to build language into your estate plan that ensure your prospective adopted child is protected.

Choosing the right attorney can significantly reduce the stress you feel while proceeding through a complex legal process. Whether you are pursuing a domestic adoption or international adoption, discuss your options with a lawyer.

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