The Scandalously Boring Truth About Michael Jackson's Will

A professor of mine once confessed before his class a fascination with the testamentary documents of celebrities. As this article from Forbes makes clear, he was not alone. Here, we are provided a glimpse into the world of the King of Pop. While many are curious about what Michael Jackson did simply because he was a celebrity and, apparently eccentric, what I find both fascinating and worthy of admiration is the close contact he appeared to have kept with his estate attorney. At significant turns during his life Jackson sought to have his will and trust updated and clarified. As a result, there is really very little question what his wishes were. Also, the article contained a wonderfully illustrative statement by a California Superior Court Judge. In issuing an order regarding the estate, the judge made clear in his quoted statement that it is the maker of the Will who speaks through the will - not family members, not lawyers, not judges. But this is only true to the extent the Will maker executed documents which clearly reflected his wishes. The article is a quick and interesting read which I would encourage anyone to look at.

The Scandalously Boring Truth About Michael Jackson's Will - Forbes